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    Geforce 7300 and Dvi -> Video adapter..
    Hi there.

    I Bought my MacPro for a couple of month ago, and its flawless.
    But last week i wanted to use my TV as an extra monitor and found out after i bought the dvi -> video adapter that my videocard doesnt support the adapters.

    Is there a way to update the drivers or anything so that i could use my TV as an extra monitor or do i need to go buy my self a new gfxcard ?..

    Crap iam angry, if i only knew this before i bought the **** thing from apple i wouldnt have bought the Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT.

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    Surely it's nVidia's fault if it doesn't support dvi to video?

    I can't even see Mac drivers on their website. Maybe try posting on nVidia's forum?

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