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Thread: Need some advice for a video card

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    Need some advice for a video card

    I'm going to buy a Mac Pro,and I'm new in the Mac World. Here is what I think I'll take:
    * Two 2.66GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
    * 2GB memory
    * 250GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s (I have an external hard drive in firewwwire 800)
    * 16x double-layer SuperDrive

    I'll use it for Digital Video Editing. I'm actually a student so it's why I can't take too much upgrade.

    The big question for me it's the video card. Do I need to take a ATI 1900XT or I can keep the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT ?

    May be an IMac will be enough ?

    If you have order advise, feel free to tell me.


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    You don't really need an ATI 1900xt. If you don't plan on using heavy graphics intensive programs, than the 7300GT should suit you just fine. And if you want to, you could always upgrade the graphics card later when time and money permits.
    The thing with the iMac, is that you are very limited when it comes to upgrading. It's a great machine, I'm using it now, but I'm starting to see the limitations of the machine when it comes to video editing (which I do quite frequently). I personally thought I wouldn't be doing a lot of video editing to justify a professional desktop like the macpro. However circumstances changed and now i find myself needing a more powerful machine.

    Go with the Macpro, with the 7300GT if you can't afford the 1900xt. You can always upgrade the card later, it's easy to do.
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    So I'm going with 7300GT.

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