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Thread: 2 Issues I'm having

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    2 Issues I'm having

    Well there's a good and a bad to this story.

    The good: I own a imac 333mhz, 265MB of memory. And it runs most apps. I've even got it to run apps that claim to want 400, 500 and sometimes even more mhz. Sure not at the premium performance. But they run and pretty well too. Sure this will all be irrelevant when I get my new imac soon. But since I'm handing down my imac to a friend I want to get 2 issues I have with it sorted.

    The bad: The 2 issues. The first is to do with apps. Some of them have inbuilt detectors that tell me no I won't run on your mac, it's to slow. (ie not a minimum number or mhz). Is there a way to get around this so my old machine can run these apps. There's a few I'd like to try out as I think they can run in the old imac.

    And the 2nd issue is a strange one. OpenGL related. In OS9 apps requiring OpenGL run just fine. Sure in the program I can only use software rendering. It's actually not using openGL. I doubt the machine has the capability to do so. But the same and other apps in OS X. And it tells me some error that openGL won't work and the app then quits itself.

    And lastly would a cd version of OS 10.4 run on this machine? Or is it better to stick with the 10.3.9 which is on it now.

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    Personally I would stick with Panther 10.3.9 on an aging Mac like yours. Why? Because Tiger at this point for your computer is only added eye candy and limited eye candy at that: plenty of the stuff Tiger offers (like Core Image effects for example which has to do with OpenGL, btw) are not supported by your hardware (graphics card).

    I'm thinking that with the added eye candy and functionalities, it might slow down your old iMac a lot.

    Besides Panther to date for me was the most stable Mac OS X version I have tried yet.

    And I don't think there is a way to bypass the error message you get with certain apps: they just make sure before loading that the computer has the capability of running the program well or not. The apps might be looking in your hardware specs for the confirmation on if it can or not run on your machine.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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    No problem. :girl:

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