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Thread: MBP HD Clicks

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    Question MBP HD Clicks

    I have a MBP with an Intel Dual core processor. Ever since it came the HD has clicked from time to time. It's getting worse. It now clicks almost all the time.

    Applecare suggested that I take it to the local Apple store. They said that the clicking sound is not good. However, they did the diagnostics and said nothing is wrong.

    Does anyone else have a similar problem?

    Is this a problem or just an annoyance?



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    It could be the signs of a failing HD. I'd take it to the Apple store as soon as you can.
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    usually i say that noise is the sound of your HD locking itself down in order to protect it....but since it is happening a lot it is the sound of a dying HD....get it fixed asap and back up all your info to dvd or another drive if at all possible before you bring it in to get it dont always get all your info back when they change your HD
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    Thanks for the input.

    The clicking is like a fan blade rubbing on the housing.

    The local Apple Store first said sounds bad but after the diagnostics said everything is fine.

    I'm backing up every night now and planning another run at the local store (with a different tech!).

    Thank you.


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    Yes, you need to back-up all your files through a firewire external drive.Probably your SATA drive almost busted. Clicking sound came from the mechanical parts inside your drive. Sometimes diagnostic tool won't detect mechanical problem.

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