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    any way to hook up 2 minis to each other?
    i have a mini at work. i also have one at home. i'm about to start working from home full time so now i'll have an 'extra' mini.

    is there any way that i can connect the two of them to have a faster computer. or is there really no point in that?

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    Nov 19, 2006
    you could probably take the ram out of one of them to make one faster but that way only one will run

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    Afraid not. You can network them to share files, or to double the amount of disk space, but there's no way to suddenly magic up double the computing power.

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    i suspected as much. thanks for your input. i appreciate it!

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    Well, it is not impossible to do that. Xgrid is developed by Apple just for this. Read more.
    Easy configuration can be found here.

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