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    Which processor is better?
    Hello! I recently bought a 1.2 Ghz OWC mercury extreme processsor (L3 cache, oc'd to 1.47 Ghz). I recently stumbled on the opportunity to buy a Dual 800 Mhz stock Apple processor for about the same price. Since the 1.2 Ghz processor is still under warranty and I can return it, should I do it and get the Dual processor? Thanks!!!

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    Are you sure you have a computer that is compatible with the dual? The stock apple processors, unlike the OWC ones only work on very specific macs. If yours is a different generation, it will not work. I would say too stick with the single, especially since you have it clocked at 1.47.
    Could you post a link to the exact processor you purchased?

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    Download CPU Director, it'll tell you if your Mac is dual-cpu capable. I'd be interested in that dual 800

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