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Thread: Powermac G3 NOTHING WORKS!

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    Exclamation Powermac G3 NOTHING WORKS!
    OK, I have a powermac G3 that i got from someone about a year ago and about 8 months ago it stopped working, it just wouldn't even show anything but the folder icon we all know and hate(maybe you love it but i don't), so i put in a os x cd and held down c, nothing, so i restarted and tryed again, nothing, then i tryed holding down option, still nothing comes up, any button i hold down nothing happens. Im really wondering what is going on here ive tryed different hard drives os 9 cds everything i could think of PLEASE HELP ME!!thanks mc, oh yeah if you have aim you could tell me fast at

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    G'day mc14 & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Try the tips found at this link.

    Post back how it went.

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    Thanks, but i did try that already im kinda guessing from previous experiance that its the logic board, but im hoping its not because i love having this computer but its such a waste to have when it doesn't work. I do get video up but it doesn't do anything.

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    Yeah, if you've done the resets, switch HD's, disc then the most likely culprit is the MLB.

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    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I really want to be able to use this computer, or if anybody here in New Hampshire would like to buy it the way it is, its probably in the best condition of any of these out ther and it has the original screen and mouse, the keyboard no not even close thats orange but it works!1 Please help me Fix it!!

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