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    iMac Temperatures
    What kind of temperatures are the newer Intel iMac's running? I did notice that mine got up to 126 degrees F when I was downloading a movie, listening to a podcast, and browsing the internet. (Man, these Macs are sweet!)
    On average, it seems to run less than 100 degrees F when doing simple applications.

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    Same question plus....

    What is a "GPU"....the one that gets hottest?

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    GPU is Graphical Processing Unit, the CPU for your video card.
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    I think you are probably quite safe. My GPU gets up to 73 C when running hard, and that is about 163 F!
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    Around 40C on average.

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    iMac 20" core duo 2ghz; OS-X 10.4.7; 2gbram; 256mb graphics; 250gbHD; delivered 6/14/06

    Hottest temps I'm seeing top-to-bottom (F) are 107; 129; 80; 96; 104.

    At those temps, fan speeds remain about same as at start-up (800; 1400; 800) which leads me to believe such temps are of little concern. Don't know at what temps fan speeds would begin adjusting upwards.

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