I have a MacPro 2.66 that I want to set up a three or four drive raid.

My boot disk is now the standard 250gb WD drive that came with the base system.

I have added a maxtor 500gb Sata 3gbs drive in the second drive bay.

I also have a LaCie 500gb firewire 800 external.

My thoughts are to purchase two more of the maxtor drives to match the one I have.

Create a striped raid across the three maxtors (with one used as the boot drive). Put the 250gb drive in the fourth drive bay and use it as a scratch disk for photoshop CS2 and CS3 beta.

I would use the 500gb LaCie as a back up drive.

Is this a good workable design?

Also. what about using disk utilities or does anyone have an opinion on softraid software, to set up and maintain the raid?