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    hey guys, well i posted this same thread on a different site aswell and wanted to see what your guys response was also.

    well let me start off by saying that i have used this mac for about a year now. before i was using it, it was my brothers, and he bought it in 2002-2003, i forgot when exactly. it has always been working pretty good. but maybe around a month ago it started to crash alot (whole screen freezes and gets dark grey with error message) its happened maybe over 50 times (no exagerration) and i always thought "hmm no big deal". well i backed up all my files, and format the computer. iTunes was installed on the newly operating system (OS X 1.4) and i had a music data cd i was going to import. so i put the dvd in, and began importing. but something strange happened. it was going EXTREMELEY not normal slow. and it kept on freezing, without the grey screen. so this really bugged me. why is it doing it i thought to myself. i called my brother up and he said it might be the hardrive dying out, so i was thinking maybe i should buy a new hard drive and it should solve the problem. so my questions are

    1.) How can i resolve this problem
    2.) Where can i buy a great size (GB) hardrive from online that will be compatable and well for my powermac
    3.) Any suggestions would be great

    ALSO: i was thinking of getting RAM for it, the max is 1.5GB right guys? Maybe i can buy that online for cheaper. thx again guys!!

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    Have you ran Disk Utility, TechTool, DiskWarrior etc...? Also, what model is your Powermac G4???

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    model? how do i check what it is? and no i havent used tech tool, disk utility, or any of those.

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