Been thinking about getting myself a mac pro. However a little undecided on if its worth the huge price.

I do alot of 3d and video production work. Something that I am unsure of is the video card. I currently have a quadro fx 4500 in my pc. When I chatted with the guy from apple he said it might be possible for me to keep using my card if I update the firmware. I dont really want to pay another $2500 for get a card for the mac pro.

Has anyone done this. Where would I get the firmware. Would it be a safe thing to do or if I stuff it up would I never be able to use my fx 4500 again in my PC.

Basically If there is no way to get it to work then I will probably have to try and sell mine on ebay if I plan to buy a mac pro.

I would prefer to be able to put money towards things like ram and hard drive space. What brands of ram are compatible with mac pro. I am planning on getting a basic system and upgrading ram and hard drive space. Planning on using Seagate 750gb hard drives, which should be fine, and possibly corsair ram? However what is the best brand to use for ram for compatibility and price? I would like to use 2gb sticks so i can keep upgrading.

Is it worth getting the apple 30" HD Display. Hopefully I can get one with the hope of getting another later in the yr. Is there any devices I can use to watch HD TV on a mac? I currently have an avermedia HDTV card for my pc, its great, but I would love to have something that worked on the mac pro and I could record shows etc...

So what do you guys think? What's the best stuff thats good value for money? Can I get my video card to work? Is there any devices that i can watch HD TV with?