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Thread: hypothetically upgrading imac 24" graphics card

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    hypothetically upgrading imac 24" graphics card
    so i have read some stuff on upgrading the card in the imac 24" and it is pretty much possible... except you would probably want someone certified to do it for you... so lets say after a couple of years that the 7600gt starts to show its age... after all, it is a mid-range graphics card compared to other stuff out there.... hypothetically, couldnt you upgrade it to another MXM card, say the 512mb 7900gs series out there? just wondering what everyones thoughts are on this and if there are other cards to substitute instead.

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    Where have you read that "stuff". AFAIK, iMac GPUs are not replaceable.

    Also see this thread.
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    yogi is right. There is no way to upgrade the GPU.
    You are right in that this would be hypothetically possible, but a hypothesis is only a theory. In theory, a lot of things are possible. In reality, they simply aren't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yogi View Post
    Where have you read that "stuff". AFAIK, iMac GPUs are not replaceable.
    all you have to do is go to google and search for things like "mxm graphics card imac 24-inch" or other ones like "imac 24-inch upgradeable graphics card"

    but i guess in the end that it would be more trouble than it is worth

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    One of the links for your searches brought up this

    "For a start, Apple has said that users won't have access to the graphics card and even if hackers succeed in gaining access to the slot, there are currently no stand-alone MXM compatible graphics cards on the market"
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    Yeah, while the card might be removable as it's on a separate slot, don't expect to find many alternatives...

    If you're really interested in upgradability you'll need to invest in a Mac Pro.

    I'd recommend just sticking with the iMac until you feel the card is really limiting you and then sell it on eBay and upgrade for a small price difference.

    I did the same with my iBook -> Macbook. I had a difference 300€*after selling my iBook - well worth it IMO (you'll pay 100-200€*for a new graphics card anyway).

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