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    Screen problems with intel duo
    hi there,

    i brought an IMAC intel duo last June and since i can remember ive had an issue with a flickering screen. It only occurs in certain programs (ical is the worst offender) a cad program i use called 'vectorworks' also causes the flickering.

    the flickering shows up as horizontal white lines that appear across the screen the screen almost appears to refresh when it gets really bad.

    I set the colour to hundreds instead of millions in the display settings and the problem seens to go, but obviously im not happy to part with 1000 for a display that displays as many colours as windows '95.

    if anyone could offer any help, or if they suffer a similar problem please post a reply!



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    Have you contacted AppleCare? If it's been going on for a long time I'd have been calling up about warranty. That sounds like a graphics hardware issue, and because of how the iMacs go together (kinda like big laptops) it might need the logic board replacing.

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