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    A Question of SOUND
    I am a brand new Mac Pro user who just switched from a PC.

    Have a question regarding the way the Mac Pro handles SOUND

    When I hooked up my Mac Pro I opted to use the OPTICAL output
    rather than using the smaller single jack audio output beneath it.

    Problem is, some programs choose on their own to output through
    the OPTICAL (digital out) output and others choose to use the
    built-in speaker.

    I have been able to go into PREFERENCES of individual programs
    (EyeTV for instance) and select DIGITAL OUT as my preference.

    However, there are other programs that give you no preference
    whatsoever on how the audio is outputted (such as iChat login

    Other than going into the System Control Panel -> Sounds
    and setting DIGITAL OUTPUT as the default, are there any other
    suggestions to steer all program audio through the optical out?....

    ....or was I better off opting to use the smaller output jack
    beneath it?

    I even wish the almost Gong-like audio that plays through
    the internal speaker when powering on the Mac Pro was pushed
    through the digital output as well, but I know that's impossible.

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    Sounds like you need... SoundSource!

    It's a great little app and gives you a menu bar selection of sound output instead of going through system prefs (although you can also make changes with Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup. You can also redirect all those annoying system sounds to an alternate device.

    Hope this helps.

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    Excellent! Thank You!

    For even with SOUND EFFECTS selected through digital out,
    not all effects go through that output.

    I'll try that program!

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