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Thread: Mem space?

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    Mem space?
    Hi there! Is there anything out there which I can put in my mac mini to increase my disk space from 30 GB to something like 50 to 60 GB? I've looked in I couldn't find anythingfor this particular computer model...Thanks!!:headphone :girl: :mac: :alien: :flower: :cool: :eek:

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    You can't open your mini without voiding the warranty. But if that doesn't bother you, you can swap out your 30gb HD with a larger one.

    Another option is to get an external hard drive. They work great and come in some SUPER sizes (up to 750gb).

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    Try something like this or this

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    apple store said i could upgrade whatever i wanted as long as i didn't damage anything and i brought it to the store in factory condition for warranty. Magnus-Moss Act states a manufacturer can not void your warranty for upgrades be it cars, electronics, or whatever.
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    But Apple will not replace the HD you put in if it will ever to fail. I'd go with a external HD btw.

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    When I upgrade the RAM in my iMac, I'm keeping the original RAM and if I take my Mac in for repair that's what's going back in the slots too...!!

    It may not void the warranty but I'm not having them blame my 3rd Party RAM.

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