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Thalias 01-23-2007 04:40 PM

Can I use 5.1 speakers with my iMac?
I just got a 17" iMac Core Duo off of eBay and it should be arriving here tomorrow. :headphone In the mean time, I thought I'd ask a few questions - get more familiar with the platform. So, like the title says, would it be possible for me to use my Logitech X-530's with my new iMac? Or will I only be able to use the front 2? And if that's the case (can only use the front speakers), will I be able to use the subwoofer as well? Thanks for helping the newbie!

surfwax95 01-23-2007 04:46 PM

I have those speakers also, I only use the front speakers (the sub works too).

You can get an external sound card device that will let you hook all of the speakers, though.

novicew 01-23-2007 04:53 PM

Pricy solution.

Thalias 01-23-2007 05:10 PM

Haha, well, I think I'll just be using two speakers then. :D I mainly use them for listening to music anyway, and the occasional game, so 2.1 audio should be fine. But how does the sub work if there's only one line-out jack on the back? Unless you don't need to plug in the dedicated plug for the sub...

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