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    Just got external display working with lid shut-now shudown or sleep when done?
    My mac pro is hooked to a 23" sony TV, bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I did the magic trick of sleeping the computer with everything hooked up and clicking the keyboard to wake it back up. Works great. Now when I'm done working, do I just sleep the computer through the apple menu? Does my hard drive go to sleep too? I just want to make sure I can leave it in sleep mode for extended periods of time.

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    Sure, you can just leave your computer asleep for as long as you want. I put my MacBook to sleep by shutting the lid when I go to sleep, and open it when I need it. I haven't restarted ir or shut it down for a few weeks. There are people that leave their computers on for months at a time without powering off. Sleep mode takes care of itself.
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