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Thread: Good buy?

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    Jan 19, 2007
    Good buy?
    G4 iMac 800 mhz 512mb ram, 60 GB hardrive, no keyboard or mouse for $300.

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    A question like that always comes down to what you plan to do with the machine. You will need to pop for a keyboard and mouse, so you need to add say another $100 to that, unless you can also get those from another source.

    The machine in question is not a really zippy box, but would make an excellent day-to-day machine for email, web browsing and other light work. It wouldn't do well for heavy duty stuff like photo editing and video editing.
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    Yeah, pretty much light work like you said. And why 100 dollars for keyboard an mouse, I can get that at walmart for like 20, albeit it's not matching but that doesn't matter to me.

    Edit: oh and downloading stuff too, like frostwire and torrents.

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    I think it's a good buy as long it stays running smoothly.

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    That seems a good buy, but would you better spending a smidgeon more for a Mac Mini and monitor?

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