I have an interesting problem that has developed with my iMac core duo (20") and printing function. I also have 2 G4 PowerBooks, and all are connected via an Apple Airport Express. The printer is an HP DeskJet 842C
On the iMac, when I go to print something from any program I do not get the function in the drop down box that allows me to change the print quality. It used to function, but now is no longer there. The 2 PowerBooks work just fine.
I have uninstalled the HP drivers, and reinstalled them. I've also uninstalled and tried using the drivers Apple had included. No change in the situation. The drivers that I have are the current ones from the HP website.
I have a large project to print soon and need the speed and economy of being able to print in draft mode.
Anyone have any ideas? I fired off an e-mail to HP's support people, but haven't gotten a reply. I'm lost.