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Thread: G4 Ram Upgrade, ecc or non-ecc

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    G4 Ram Upgrade, ecc or non-ecc
    hello, i was wondering if someone could tell me what i need to buy? I have a G4 sawtooth with pc100 ram in it, but when i search for pc100 for sale two types come up; ecc or non-ecc, that is the question? some one told me that if you have non-ecc you cant run with ecc? so which one do i need?

    also can i run Pc133 alog side the pc100? the computers bus is 100.


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    You will want to use NON ECC in that Machine. I have the same Sawtooth and tried ECC once for the fun of it. Nothing. Most PC133 will work but there is some with just 4 chips on one side that is High Density. Those will not work right in older machines. Any PC100 should work as most PC133. It will take a max size of 512MB Per slot.

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