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    iMac + Rear Projection HDTV, Will this work?
    I am considering buying an iMac within the next week. I know I am getting one, but I would love to be able to hook it up to my HDTV and use Front Row to view iTunes movies, tv, ect... I know I will need to purchase the mini DVI adaptor in order to make this work. My main question is, will that adaptor allow me to connect to what I believe is DVI-D (dual link). I am attaching a photo of the cable and the connection that my tv has. If I am mistaken on anything above, please correct me. Thanks in advance, can't wait to become a Mac user. I am so tired of Windows.


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    Should not be a problem connecting it to your TVwith the proper cables. You will probably have to do some resolution adjustment once connected.
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    I'm doing what you are doing as well, my adapter is coming in a few days. I'll confirm if it is DVID-d dual, as I understand it is...

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    it will work fine, but you need to make sure that you have an audio output cable from the computer to the tv as DVI does not carry audio.

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    Yeah, I have the audio taken care of. I run everything through my reciever, but I didn't want to dig through all the wires and pull the reciever out to get a picture of the DVI port on the back of it. I have plenty of open audio connections on it. I currently have the following hooked up. Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, DVD-R, and Dish Network DVR. Thanks for the input.

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