Hi all,
posted this on Hardware and Peripherals earlier but I thought I'd put it up here too as there's more traffic!
Apart from the standard Dvi-D connector between my MiniMac and Formac monitor I also have a Dvi-I connection from Mac to Projector via the Apple DVI to Video Adapter. Both work great but I have to keep swapping over the connections which is a real pain. I bought a Dvi-D splitter cable but do not get a picture on my projector, presumably because the cable does not support an Analogue signal - fair enough, but I'm also getting a distorted picture on my monitor!
Firstly any idea why the distortion?
Secondly does anyone know if it is possible to get a Dvi-I splitter cable? I've searched but cannot find one.
Otherwise, any other suggestions gratefully received. I can't be the only person trying to run both a digital and analogue display off my Mac surely!!