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    OS X DVD Player on iMac 333
    I installed os x (10.3.2) last night, it installed fine, everything whent great. it actually is not too horribly slow either. the problem is this:

    I am using a standard laptop DVD ROM from a Toshiba or HP. when i insert a disk, it mounts and I can browse the DVD, but DVD player crashes out with an unexpected error. In fact, DVD Player will crash even with no DVD in the drive.

    any suggestions here ? ?

    also after the 10.3.2 update from apple, I get abootr, unkown word on boot in OF. I have to type 'boot' to get osx up, but it works fine. I'm not very familiar with OF, but I am guessing it may need to be updated? I though I just did that while 8.6 was on there... ok, thanks guys.


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    Not a whole lot of action on these forums eh? kinda move slow. anywhere that moves a bit faster ?

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