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    Jan 14, 2007
    cant seem to install any os on an imac

    I have a imac g3 333 mhz with a broken cd drive (tray loader)

    The HD died in it and i am trying to install a fresh HD, and OS onto it...

    I have the following

    os 9.1 install cd
    os X 10.3 install cd's
    USB hard drives,

    A working Imac dv 450 (cd drive) (running 10.3)

    I tried taking the HD out of the DV450 and putting it into the G3 333 and it just gives me the question mark logo....

    so then i tried putting the new HD into the dv450 and install os 9.1 onto it... worked fine in the dv450.....

    tok that HD out fo the dv450 and placed it into the g3 333.... wont boot same flashing logo......

    reset the pram, same thing, reset the nvram same thing.....

    Help pretty new to macs, but can do most anything... just dont know it well enough i guess

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    Probably needs a firmware update:

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