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    Getting a small monitor for Mac Mini
    Here the deal. I just switched last week to my iMac, which I am loving the **** out of. As I was getting everything set up, getting my old PC desktop set up for kids, changing my wireless network, etc, I finally got around to grabbing my video stuff (her PC had DVD burner) to transfer over. Well, her laptop took a big crap, couldn't even get into safemode. I even swapped in a new harddrive for $75 bucks, reran the software to boot up machine, this didn't even work. Freaking memory or motherboard is screwed, whatever, enough of that ranting.

    I'm just going to get her another machine ,but she only uses it for surfing and doing bills. Though about getting her a Mac Mini, but she has a rolltop desk that will only hand a monitor that is about 12 inches high (this is why laptop worked good). I just want to avoid getting another dang PC, but also need to keep some of the costs down after my investment in my iMac 20" with extras.

    Any thoughts out there. Looked at Apple sight for a reconditioned notebook, but nothing in the range I'm looking to spend.

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    I'm sorry, I really tried to make sense of your post. The individual words are English words, but your post makes no sense, at least in English.

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    i believe he is looking to get a cheap present for his wife(?), and was thinking of gettign a mac mini,, but the desk the computer only has enough room for a monitor that is 12" high
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    I'm looking at an old G3 iMac here with a 15" screen. It's about 17" high.

    I don't think there's a monitor in existence that's less than 12" high.

    Maybe you should look at a laptop.

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    The Mini would be a great and cheap idea. As far as a small monitor, I have seen some pretty small Flat Panels. Check Ebay. His post makes perfect sense to me by the way. I know just what he wants to do. I will look around and if I find a small monitor I will get back to you.

    I wonder if this would work? It does have a 15-Pin VGA connector and the size is right.

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    Actually, you can get pretty close... my monitor with stand and all is ~15-16" tall, but the actual monitor itself is only 13". It's an LCD one, and if you were to get a small one, you should be able to attach a mount onto the back of it to keep in mounted to the beck of the desk, or a wall, and cut it down to just the essential monitor itself.

    (Note: My monitor is a 17" Philips LCD)
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