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    Quick Question
    I posted this on one of the other forums with not much help. Here is my situation, Dual G5 Mac with Flat Panel Cinema Display. When I boot up, it comes up in a very bright type display that actually causes buttons in some apps to no show. Now if I unplug the monitor from back of box and plug in, it changes to a softer better display. I have tried the calibration, changed every setting I can think of with no luck. For some reason, it is stored somewhere and I cannt figure out where. I have tried findiing a default of some kind as well with no luck. But, like I mentioned earlier, when I unplug and replug, it comes up fine. Any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is an Apple Cinema display, correct? And a PowerMac G5? Also, when you plug and unplug, is it the video cable or the power you are unplugging?

    I think we need to do a little debugging here. Does this PowerMac work OK with any other flat panel? Alternately, does this flat panel work OK with any other Mac (or even PC)?

    This simple test will isolate the problem right away to one side of the link or the other. Until we can determine that, remember it could be either your video card or your display. The first job is to determine which one it is.
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    Talking Could it Be. . .
    Howdy, Stuck In Mobile.

    I wonder if your Apple Cinema Display is the c. 2004 model. . . the one on a curved aluminum base with the Power Adapter (a white box) that takes several USB connections?

    If so, could your problem possibly be related to a mix-up with the connexions?

    Also, if it's a software glitch, you can go to the Utilities folder, load ColorSync Utility and run the (color) Profile First Aid scan to determine if there's an error somewhere in the system. If one is found then you should run the Repair option. But all your display profiles are there.

    System Preferences/Displays/Color is where you want to go to check/change display options. There you can "roll your own." Tip: Go the "Expert" route and pull the first two little balls on the left adjustment slightly BELOW the horizon, leaving the rest alone until you get to Native White and Gamma settings. For a richer screen hue move those adjustments to the right of the default setting, using the slider.

    Also check the screw that holds your graphics card in place; if the screw's loose the card may not be seated properly. That will definitely cause trouble. That's what I do when my screw gets loose.

    Consider running a PRAM reset.

    But it's knowing how spacey I get installing stuff. . . that a crossed-up connection would always be a distinct possibility when dealing with your type problem. It's usually the simple things. . .

    My old flat screen digital monitor began suddenly going black a few years ago, and I found that jiggling the power plug at the back of the unit would temporarily restore the screen. But it would always go black again soon afterwards and I could hear a rapid tick-tick-ticking coming from under the cover.

    I finally mustered enough moxy to pull the cowling and then plugged the cable back in, with the naked unit sitting flat on my desk. The ticking seemed to be coming from a point at the bottom of the unit near the right-hand edge.

    Yep; it was a cracked circuit-board, and current was arcing between the gaps. What a devolting revelopment.

    Funny. . . the junk that can be pressed into service when all else fails. I'd tried soldering the crack; tried glueing the board at the place where the crack seemed to be (I couldn't actually see it it would've taken a Magnaflux treatment to find it) and finally, in despair wound up ramming 1/2 of a wooden clothespin under the edge of the board just to prop it up . . . and by gum, that did the trick!

    Until each time the clothspin slipped a bit, that is.

    Recently I broke down and shelled out for a new 20" Apple display with the little white box and all the wires. No mortgage, but almost. The old monitor's now collecting dust in the workshop, awaiting its fate. I don't miss it.

    The new display has beautiful, sharp definition and brilliant color. I love it. It's this old c. 2003, 64MB graphics card that worries me now.

    Knock on wood.

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