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    Crashing tray load iMac
    I have a 333 iMac. Just got it actually.. The problem I am having is it crashes about 3 minutes after I turn it on. I tried replacing the ram with known good ram. Two completely different sticks. So that's 3 sticks I've tried, counting the one it came with. I tried dusting everything with a can of air. I removed the heatsink from the CPU, removed the thermal pad and put some heatsink compound on it and put it back on (since it seems like something is overheating). I zapped the pram, nvram, and cuda.. I know, I know, it's an old machine and I should just let it rest in peace. But I think it'd be perfect for toddler games and such for my two sons. The backup battery is good, I checked that with a meter. Like I said it runs for 3 minutes, pretty much till something warms up. Then it starts getting errors or just flat locks up the install of whichever OS I'm trying to install. Turn it off and retry and I usually get an error message from the OS saying I need to reboot or it'll just lock, pretty much right away. I'm considering looking for a new logic board for it on Ebay.. Anyone got some tricks I can try before throwing in the towel on it?

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    addendum.. So there's another stick hiding under the CPU card.. Didn't even realize that card was removable till I had thouroughly ripped the machine apart. Slapped it back together, but it won't post anymore.. Must have screwed something up. Ahh well, easy come easy go.

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