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    Unhappy iMac G5 PowerPC Problems
    Well, my iMac Died on me (the powersupply i think) and it came under the Apple Replacment Powersupply Program, so i got a new one put in for free.

    Only about 20mins after i got home it went again!!

    The Led Test, the first one lights up, the second one does, but goes off, and the 4th one lights up. So it never actually really powers up.

    I dropped it off back at the repair shop, and the chappy there thinks that it could be a "duff" power unit that was put in.

    Could it be that, or is there something more sinister a'foot?


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    Can you have the "duff" power supply replaced again under the Apple Replacement Powersupply Program? If you can, do so. I wouldn't worry about anything more problematic until you try that. If a second "new" power supply bites it, then you have to consider that the iMac itself has a serious electrical problem which lies at the heart of this. But first things first. Try one more power supply before getting really worried.
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