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    Mac Mini connected to HDTV. Resolution problem
    I have a new dual core mac mini connected to a Samsung R73 40" LCD HDTV via a DVI-HDMI cable however the mac doesn't show the correct, native, resolution for the TV which is 1366 x 768.

    If I buy a DVI detective from Gefen will this sort out my problem by providing the correct the EDID info to the Mac??

    I have checked numerous Forums at this stage but have not had any luck finding any solution.

    If anyone can help me with this or know of another solution I would greatly appreciate this.


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    I don't want to start yet another thread about this but I am trying to pick a new Mac and I need to know about the Mini on an HDTV... a 1080p actually. I would like to know some things:

    > Since Jan '07, when this guy posted, has there been any changes to the Mini's resolution abilities?
    > Does SwitchResX do a really good job getting the Mini to display higher resolutions and at what cost? What % of my computing power runs this program?
    > No one around me can show me what this will look like. Can anyone comment and/or post pictures of how good this type of setup looks? How does it compare to the iMac's resolution?

    I'm waiting on the October 'rumors' to sink or swim but these questions are the only thing holding up my final purchase.

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