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    12" Powerbook Help!!!!!
    Hey everyone,

    Hoping I will find some help. I have the .867 mhz 12" powerbook. Up until this morning, everything was perfect - ran like a new machine. I'm up-to-date on all software including OSX and have maxed out memory. I restarted the machine this morning and since them it has been acting very strange. Takes forever to boot and load OSX. I have a folder on my desktop labeled "desktop" but there is no folder icon, just the text. If I open up the finder, same thing, only some apps have icons most do not.

    If I try to open an app I get the "pinwheel" of death that goes on forever. Even my .mac account won't open - I get an error message saying that the home folder is full.

    Once Safari opens, I also get the randown "pinwheel" during internet browsing.

    I've tried restarting numerous times to no avail.

    Hope someone can help.

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    well i don't know how to help you but you posted this topic in the wrong section :p repost it in the Powerbook Macbook Pro section and hopefully you will get some good responses this is for Power Mac's and Mac Pro's.

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