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    Lightning strike = fried ethernet card What to do?
    Well, the incliment weather that blew through here on Thursday night fried my ethernet card on my Mini. I'm pretty sure that the ethernet port is hardwired right onto the motherboard, though not positive. Anyone have any suggestions (short of buying a new machine)?

    Isn't there an ethernet to USB coupler out there? Any idea weather or not they actually work?

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    Yup, I'd go with a USB to ethernet adapter, they're pretty small and work just fine. Not sure if they all work with OS X though, hope they do. Could look into installing Airport, that's all I use on my Mini..

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    I want to note for others that if you have a Mini without AirPort, you will need to buy a mezzanine (a wireless interface card) for it as well. Not too expensive, though. Runs about 45 bucks. The whole shebang should run about 100 bucks.

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