Hey everyone, I recently switched to a Mac a few months ago and have been somewhat happy, somewhat not with my new iMac 20". I have been having problems with the system freezing up in the middle of nowhere. Most frequently, it will do that while loading or running iTunes. Sometimes it will do it while the screen saver is running. Sometimes it will do it on the loadup while the white Apple screen is only appearing with the clockwise circle running. I ran the disk utility (because I didn't know what else to do) and I thought it helped, but it sure didn't fix anything. Any thoughts?

Now, I'm having font problems. I went to ESPN.com and the main headlines aren't a legible font, just a bunch of fractions. Something else was like that recently too. So I went to open Word to copy and paste the headline and possible see what font it was, and now Word is telling me every single font I have is corrupt... one by one. I have to keep clicking "ok" "ok" on each individual font, saying that I should remove it. Any thoughts?

I've heard of people running other programs to fix little problems. I've heard of reinstalling the operating system. I really need to figure something out. Thanks in advance!