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    I recently bought a flashed PC Geforce 6200 256MB on ebay. It works great, games are awesome on my machine now. However, There is one problem.

    Fifty percent of the time when I turn my Mac on it boots to a light blue screen. This is fixed by rebooting (sometimes a couple of times). It's not a major problem but I just find it a little annoying.

    I was thinking about going for a Radeon 9200 128MB PCI card and sticking my Rage 128 Pro (16MB) back in the AGP port (just in case) to rectify this problem. Would the Radeon 9200 be significantly slower than my Geforce or being a true Mac card, would I notice an improvement?

    Alternatively, is it possible to upgrade the Power Mac's power supply so I could install an AGP 9800PRO?

    Sorry if I sound stoopid - not up with all the gfx card tech knowledge.


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    Firstly, the GeForce 6200 will be much faster than the Radeon 9200, and the difference will be quite noticeable. Have you tried returning your flashed GF6200? The reason for the blue screens probably has something to do with the way they flashed it.

    You can probably upgrade your Mac's power supply but if you wanted to install a 9800Pro, you can just get a 4-pin Molex power cable extension to plug in the video card power (that is if you have a spare 4-pin power connector). The stock power supply may suffice. I flashed a PC 9800Pro in one of my G4 MDD towers a while back and it worked beautifully.
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    Unless you are going with a PCI based card, anything better than the 9200 is a waste of time in the Sawtooth. The AGP slot is, IIRC, only a 2X slot so the real power of the 9800 is going to be wasted.

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    Thanks for your help I think I'll go for an AGP Radeon 8500 and if I need a seperate display I'll get the 9200 PCI. Cheers!

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