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    First of all


    I hope I have posted in the correct area.....

    Now that I have that over and done with, I am after some brief advice on my PC. As I already said it is a E MAc Power PC G4. Standard build spec I guess. Guess as this is my first Apple PC.....been on intel based PC's for years now. About this Mac tells me the folowing:
    800 Mhz Power PC G4 (2.1)
    384 MB SDram
    Maxtor 40 Gig HDD
    Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
    Lite On CDRW / DVD read drive

    Its in good condition and I have already attached a Logitech cordless laptop mouse.

    Is it easy to upgrade and what would I do? I like to do it myself rather than pay someone else. I have built a few PC's over the years.

    Excude the ignorance, but this a whole new world for me to play far I like what I see. My only issue is that MAC's seem to be more expensive than other PC's.

    Thanks and HI

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    The E-mac is not really an upgradeable computer, you are be able to put a dvd burner in there, and add more ram, new hard drive, but the processor and video card is stuck where it is at.

    go to to find out what you can add into that computer.
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