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Thread: G4, fan on, light on, but no chime, no monitor

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    Unhappy G4, fan on, light on, but no chime, no monitor
    I have a G4. It worked fine until today. It locked up and a message came up that said to hold the power button to shut down. Did that, and when I turned it back on, there was no chime and no image on the monitor. The power light came on, and the fan came on and the hard drive sounded like it started, but no chime or image on the screen. Not even the question mark, etc... It was just black. And the power light on the monitor stayed yellow. I tried a different monitor, still nothing. Any ideas??? Thanks!!!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, WintersPublishi. Hope you enjoy your stay.

    I have a few things for you to look up from Apple's Knowedge Base Articles:

    I hope one of these help. :girl:

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    In case you need the Logic Board diagram.

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