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    Smile Ventilation And Crash
    Hi to everybody and happy new year;
    My last problem in 2006

    I have a dual processor G5 desktop and everything ran smooth untill it started to crash ( couldnt do anything - reset button ) and the ventilation started to blow like a jet whenever it felt like;

    So I went to a Mac shop and they told me that the crashing is the fault of the memory, ....BUT they donīt know what is the cause of the ventilation problem. They told me to buy a new motherboard!!!! but some people around me told that this is a small possibility...

    Anybody knows what could be the problem?:headphone
    Thanx a lot!

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    Is there a firmware update for your G5? I would try that first.
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    Ok I'll try it, this afternoon I get my Mac back, I'll order the new memory
    and once installed I'll try the firmware update! I didn't know it existed!

    I'll post a commend with the result.

    Thanx a lot ! :mail:

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    try the firmware update before you get new ram. be much cheaper ! if you dont need the memory

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    Thumbs up Thanx :)
    Ok guys I think you were right,
    I was sadly to late to install the firmware update at time and bought
    new memory. The good news is that updating everything my ventilators are behaving themselves, no jets in my room in 5 hours!

    And imagine the tecnicians said it was probably the chip on the motherboard that gave a default and therefore I had to change the whole thing, I said friendly no and took my G5 with me, installed everything and just saved 780 euros - 1000 dollars!

    So I can only say one thing, Thanx guys!!!!

    Happy 2007 and really cool you replied.

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    I remember having read that some Power Mac G5 models had a problem with those 9 fans of theirs and that a firmware update fixed this. Crazy, ain't it? Kinda like banking long-distance...

    Glad that firmware update fixed your problem,!

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