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    G4 1ghz vs G5 1.6ghz
    Hi, I currently have a G4 1ghz powermac with 768mb of ram. I am thinking about purchasing the base model G5 system, the 1.6 ghz, but I will have 1256mb of ram in it. Is there a big difference between these two computers? I mostly do video and graphics work using FCP and After Effects. Is the G5 1.6 going to be noticably faster?


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    There is a difference. But I can not tell you what they are. Just that the G5 is the future and the G4 is basically the past. When Apple optimizes the OS to run at 64 bit instead of 32bit you should see a big difference. My guess would be, when the OS is at 64 bit so would Final Cut Pro. If I were looking to get a G5, I would look at the duals. I think the singles are going to be phased out.

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    wait untill aughtum, there may be significant upgrades to G5 line by then.

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    Thanks for the input, let me add that for the project I'm currently working on it is mandatory that I upgrade to a superdrive, larger harddrive, and ram.

    I have an offer to sell my current system for 1000 and buy a g5 1.6 w/ 1.25gigs of ram for 1600.

    Considering the cost of upgrading my current computer, wouldnt it make more sense to just get the g5 which already has a superdrive, bigger harddrive, more ram, and a faster cpu & fsb?

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    I'd say to either get a dual G5, or try and find a single 1.8. The architecture of the 1.8 machines is set up for more future technology, compared to the 1.6 machine.

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