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Thread: IMac fan speed

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    Oct 29, 2006
    IMac fan speed
    well, i recently had to replace the video card of my 20" intel mac cause it had a problem... i got it back now, but the fan is doing a lot of noise... i called the store and they told me that it was the OS that determined the speed of the fan, so it needed some kind of this really what i have to do?? the only update i found was a fan control update for mac G5...

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    yea in most cases the fan speed is controled by your os. when I upgraded to 10.4.8 my fans got a tiny bit louder.

    Open software update and it will take care of any updates.

    I dont know if imacs have the EFI updater app. if they do run that also.
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    Oct 29, 2006
    i updated everything, and it didn't help... there's an app that lets you change the fan speed... what is the default speed and medium temperature of an imac?? knowing this i can compare with my settings...

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    wats the name of the app that lets you change the fan speed ?

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    Fan Control

    To name the two apps I've heard of.

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    i used fan control and when i started up the computer i decreased the speed to 1000 RPM, the minimun speed... but the fan is still doing noise... i don't know what's wrong here...

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