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    Can I tranfer pics from my wife's eMac to my iMac?
    By any other way than burning hers onto a CD? Is there some way I can hook them together and swap her pictures onto mine?

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    if you have a router you can just turn on file sharing (not sure of the specifics though, i'm a one-mac household).

    here's a good thread.

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    You don't need a router, I think at least the eMac and depending on your iMac they should be auto switching network interfaces. Which means you can plug an ethernet cable directly from one to the other. No router, and no cross-over cable. And this is made especially easy because the two macs will see each other. And its even better with apple talk enabled.

    I've done this, it's easy.

    Oh, bother, where is my brain. You can also just use FireWire. And use drive mode on the eMac, it will act like an external drive.

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