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    Any old DVD writer?
    Hey all,

    I have a G3 Power Mac which I got from eBay that had a faulty CD drive.
    I had a spare DVD-RW drive in my PC so I popped that in to see what would happen.

    As a CD/DVD ROM driveit works great, however when it comes to writing, nothing happens.

    A few weeks ago (while looking for the solution to another problem) I found a web page that (if I recall correctly) described a hack to make any writer drive compatible with a mac.
    Typically I can't find it now.

    Does anyone know if I can do this or was i just imagining it?


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    Newer DVD burners may just not work with that older G3 machine. I've used several modern DVD burners in the PowerMac G4s, but I never dabbled with the G3 PowerMac. I know they did have a ton of IDE issues...

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