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    External CD-RW / DVD Writers
    I can use some advice for a new External CD-RW / DVD Writer for a PowerMac G-4. It is an older G4 with 350Mhz CPU Speed, AGP Graphics, upgradable to at least 1 Gig. (Full specs below).

    Basically, we see off the shelf CD-RW / DVD Writers at retail stores that are connected by USB, but we can't find one that says it supports Apple Power Mac) etc.

    Which brands are best and where can we find one on line or in retail stores?

    Please advise. Your help is appreciared!

    PowerMac G4 Specifications
    Hardware Overview
    PowerMac G4 (AGP Graphics)
    CPU Type: PowerMac G4 (2.7)
    Number of CPU’s: 1
    CPU Speed: 350 MHZ Comment: Slow!!!
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 1MB
    Memory: 128 MB
    Bus Speed: 100 MHZ
    Serial Number: XB9512D4Hm1
    Sales Order M7827LL/A

    Firewire: 400Mb/sec Speed

    Memory Slots

    Dimm 0 / J21 64 MB SDRAM PC-100-3225
    Dimm 1 / J22 64 MB SDRAM PC-100-2225
    Dimm 2 / J23 Empty (adding SDRAM PC-133 512MB)
    Dimm 3 / J24 Empty (adding SDRAM PC-133 512MB)

    PCI / AGP Cards

    ATY, Rage 128Pro Slot A
    Type: Display Bus AGP
    VRAM (total) 16 MB
    Display 1024 X 768 @ 75 MZ
    Depth: 32-Bit Color

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    I have had no problems, with LaCie burners.
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    I've used several generic CD/DVD drives in the past in the PowerMac's that I've had and haven't had a compatibility issue yet...

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    I use an LG 2166D Dual Layer 16x DVD burner on my PowerMac/Tibook, and it works amazingly. Cost me $200, but it was well worth it. Fast as he11 too.

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