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Thread: What should I do?

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    Question What should I do?
    I need help figuring out on how I could get my iMac down to Texas. I am currently in technical training for the Air Force and my iMac is sitting up in Nebraska at home. What's the safest way I could bring the iMac down with me?

    Option #1 - Ship it via UPS

    Option #2 - Put it in a suitcase and travel with it. (I would like to have it as a carry-on but it's just want too **** big)

    Is it safe to have it in a suitcase surrounded my clothes and pillows or should I just ship it via UPS? Another thing is that would it be safe enough to travel with it and having it be cold due to where its placed during the flight? Let me know...

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    i would ship it via ups. they dont treat your things good while loading them on the plane and they could be bounceing around and stuff. be safe and ship it

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    If you do ship it make sure you put insurance on it.. I suggest you ship it USPS. faster and cheaper.

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