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    dual 2.0 g5 won't boot NEED HELP!
    Ok, so i'm doing some work in after effect and all of the sudden i get this error message stating something along the lines of "hard drive not recognized".. this is from itunes.

    then, as my project in ae is rendering i get a similar response.

    i then have to force quit itunes, final cut and after efects because they're not responding.

    i then try and put something from the desktop into the trash and i get this ticking noise coming from my hard drive and the circle of **** comes up and the whole computer isn't responding.. that stops and i go to restart.. the same tick re-occurs and im forced to hold down the power button to shut it down.

    i then boot the system back up and it comes to the grey apple screen and just sits there with the apple logo and the little spin thing underneath.

    IS this a bad hard drive?

    nothing like this has ever happened.


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    Judging from those ticking noises your hard drive probably bit the dust. I would just run to your local computer or electronics store and pick up a new hard drive; preferably a Seagate since they tend to last much longer than the other brands.

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    yea ur hard drive is probabally shot. you should pick up like 2 hard drives. one for ur os, and another for all ur songs and other stuff ur saving. that way it wolnt be working soo hard on one disk. might run more stable that way.
    when it breaks just upgrade it.

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    Powerbook G4 12" 1.5GHz
    Or you could pick up 2 matching hard drives and run them in RAID1 so that your data is mirrored across 2 hard drives. You'd be hard pressed to lose everything in a setup like that...

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