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    Bought the original iMac, have a couple questions.
    Picked up an old iMAC for $10 the other day Came with everything, the only problem is it won't boot up It just doesn't wanna power up. Any ideas?

    This is my first MAC and I bought it to see if I liek how MAC works so I can decide between a Windows laptop or a powerbook.

    I've never even touched a mac before, anything I should read or look at before trying to start learning it?


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    So you don't hear any chimes or see the power light LED come on?

    1st - Have you checked to make sure everything's connected? Not just the power, but the IDE cables, etc. While you have it apart, just make sure everything looks seated properly and check the RAM, too. Be careful w/ the CRT...check out this disassembly guide Here.

    If there are still prob's, it may be related to the HD, or the power board.

    Do you know which model you have (233 mHz, 266 mHz, 333 mHz, 400mHz)?

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    Rembers To Check Date In Future

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    Please don't think I'm talking down to you but the original posts were in 2004



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    *swears* dang Im sorry I had the site open and I googled for something and this must ahve come up. you know how it happens.

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    First you need to replace the Rom Battery. The T part of the case on the botton comes off and you side out the board. Replace battery and side it back together connect the cables back the way found them. If it still will not fire up it can be several issues from loop back power supply to Death by Ten.

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