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Thread: buy MBP in US

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    buy MBP in US
    Alright heres the deal.

    I'm an Aussie living in Sydney, the cost of a Mac Book Pro here is $3999 AU which is $3086 US
    That is for the MBP 2.33GH Core 2 duo in the standard configuration.

    As you can tell, that is extremely expensive.

    When you go from the US amount of $2499 US too Australian $3089 AU which is far cheaper by almost a thousand dollars

    So my question is can you purchase a mac book pro in the US bring it home to Australia and still have a valid warranty? Will Apple still support there products if its brought from the US and brought into Australia? I would be getting that apple care warranty extension.

    I can't believe they want to charge me almost twice the price for me being in Australia.

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    You will have to pay sales tax in the United States (Would add over $250 in New York, but varies by state) which will add a significant amount to the cost and you will have to pay in import fee for it as well which will make the price pretty close to what they are charging you
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    well thats a pain in the a***

    I suppose when it comes time i'll have to cough up the dough

    thanks for your responce

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    Funny - I'm from Sydney too and registered to ask the EXACT same questions as you Pickles.

    So what about ebay or buying online? Would we still have to pay sales tax etc on that?


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    Dec 12, 2006
    hmm, I'm not well versed on sales tax.
    If you are buying from an individual, second hand, then I believe you don't pay for GST or sales tax but I couldn't be 100% sure of that.

    I would be worried about buying online from Australia too the US, Apple might take exception to that and perhaps not want to support its hardware.

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