I have a iMac G4 800mhtz, 60gb HDD, 768 ram, running 10.4.8.

A couple of months ago the mac froze & I had to pull the plug (it wasn't responding to anything else). Afterwards I couldn't power it up (nothing was happening not even a light or a noise) after trawling the internet I tried to reset the PMU, this didn't seem to work I then replaced the fuse & it started (which seemed strange because the fuse was fine?).

Last week I had a power cut & the same thing has happened but now nothing seems to work, I've tried different wall sockets, resetting the PMU, changing the fuse. I don't know what to do now, If I take it to the apple reseller it be expensive & I'm planning on getting a new one after Christmas but I was hoping on not having to throw the other one away.

Sorry about the essay,

I just hope somebody can help.