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    how capable is the mini?
    complete noob to macs considering buying a mac mini. Among other things, one of the uses I might have for it is a little "utility box" for security tools. Something I can easily grab and take with me and throw on a network, boot into linux and use it as a snort sensor, or a honeypot etc...

    assuming I got a 1.8 gz mini with 2 gigs of ram...

    Can I run paralells and have OSX, XP, and say..SuSe all installed at the same time? Running at the same time?

    What options are there for a 2nd NIC (USB NIC, which ones work? do any work? is it OS dependent meaning any old linksys USB NIC will work when im in XP but it might not work in OSX?)

    Generally speaking is it asking for additoinal headaches as far as hardware recognition and compatability goes when trying to throw a major linux distro such as SuSe on a mac mini Vs. a PC?

    Is there any kind of bracket for the mini to use for a wall or under desk mount?


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    just as an "aside" one of the alternatives I am looking at which may or may not resolve the shortcomings that you may or may not be telling me the mac mini has is the "Pandora MP945-X Mini PC" found on
    With a 2.0gz core 2 duo cpu 2 gigs of ram, built in wireless, a 60 gig 7200rpm sata HD, its about 1500 bucks...

    your thoughts on that would be welcomed as well

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    As a little utility box, I would you would have fewer issues to deal with if you went with one of the small form factor HP or Dell machines. They will take XP and SuSE with no issues at all. Mac OS X would make a lousy honeypot for obvious reason, and with a standard PC box, you could load up almost any Linux live CD, usually loaded with utilities. This would seem a better choice for this sort of application.
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    I think an old beater laptop from Dell, Gateway or HP would be more what you're looking for. Or even one of those Walmart junkers for $388.
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