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    Hello all.. So after all my Christmas shopping is done, the new years is over and life turns to normal again Im going to be buying(hopefully) a new Apple. Now first let me tell you what I will be using it for. Primarly video editing, some games, bootcamp XP with more games, audio editing and some 3d moddeling work. I've checked the specs and reviewed benchmarks and etc, and I have come down to 2 descisions.

    1) I am looking at getting a 20" iMac, w/ 2GB ram and upgraded video. This would be my primary workstation. It has enough power to do what I need, big screen, etc..


    2) a Macbook Pro 15" with 2GB ram. Still has enough power, but is portable. I have never felt I NEEDED a portable, but would like to use it for on-site video capture, taking it on location, etc. Stuff you would use a laptop for. And then in my studio I'd have a keyboard, mouse, and 19" LCD screen to hook it up to when I need to sit and get serious with whatever I need to do.

    Cost of the two have been considered and isn't a major issue, and pretty much I just keep jumping from one side of the fence to another. Anyone have any suggestions or opinions? Once I get through this holiday season, and all I can seriously make my choice but wanted to poll the audience here.

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    You can expect similar performance from both machines, the only hurdle is lifespan. While nothing is guaranteed, portables tend to break easier than desktops, due to exposure, and they die younger. But if you feel the Macbook pro will make you more creative, more productive and you enjoy working in the living room or in a Starbucks once in a while, go for it...
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    Get the MacBook Pro! just like you said, it could be used a "desktop" when your in the friend works in the real estate business and uses his Blackbook to take pictures of the houses..he never goes on the job without it!

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    Personally I'd prefer sitting in comfort with a desktop computer with a big screen :-)

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