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Thread: Can't believe how I treated my MacBook, Sold it & now my 2nd iMac...

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    Can't believe how I treated my MacBook, Sold it & now my 2nd iMac...
    After what, 4 months owning my 2.0GHz Mac Book (SuperDrive, 80GB HDD, 1GB RAM and Apple Care), I sold it because I couldn't believe the condition...I'd rate it 6/10, it was ugly and certainly the last time I buy a Notebook! I was able to sell it for $1,100 CAN

    I'm sticking to iMac from now on, the other (20" Intel Core DUO is in the Family Room). LOL My 17" in my room is the new Intel Core 2 DUO with ATi X1600, 160GB HDD and SuperDrive...I didn't go with the 20" because I aslo got the new 37" Sharp AQUOS LC-37D90U 1080p LCD HDTV and will be hooking it up to it.

    Here's some pics.

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    NICE SETUP! *drool* What did you put your xbox 360 on? I would like a set up like in my new house! Kudos!

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    I am thinking of getting an Imac for the same reason but my MBP is super good.

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