I have a G4 Digital Audio 733 equipped with an AGP Nvidia GeForce2 MX 32MB graphics card that has two outputs - one ADC and one SVGA type plug. I have a 15" LCD Studio display connected to the Apple port and a generic 15" LCD display connected to the VGA port.

Both monitors power up and display the same desktop but the cursor image on the generic display is just a large block.

There are no options in System Preferences>Displays to change from mirror display to and extended desktop and the generic monitor does not show up in the system profiler.

Question - am I being stupid and this card was never designed to power two monitors. Just having the two connector types to allow the connection of different monitors and not two monitors?

If it is possible to have an extended desktop with this hardware can someone please give me a few pointers please?

If not can someone recommend a cheapish Graphics card that will perform this function please?

Sorry for the long post!